Anyone who has ever played sports knows its more than a game. It is about discipline, accountability and being a part of a family. Due to budget cuts, more than half of public schools in America are forced to charge students fees to play sports.

At Buckeye Local it costs $400 to play football. There, with the help of athletic director Glen Reisner, I met Jalin, a linebacker who was living with a teammate’s family. Jalin told me that being on the team was the first time he felt like a good person and that people truly cared about him.

Our premise is simple, students tell us why sports are important to them and pick a goal for the year. If he or she continues meets that goal we cover their Pay-to-Play fees until they graduate High School.

Our first Right To Win athlete, Jalin Brock, returns home from college to see how Right To Win has affected some of the 15 new student athletes part of Right To Win this year.